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Tomahawk Cooking Instructions:
Be sure to have a reliable meat thermometer!


1.   Allow Tomahawk to come to room temperature on counter for about 1 hour before cooking.

3.Pre-heat your grill or smoker to 225°F.

3.  Season the Tomahawk liberally on both sides.  Press seasoning into meat. 

4.  Place steak on grill with indirect heat;  cook until reaching internal temperature of 100-110°F.  This should take 30-50 minutes.  Once reaching this temperature, remove the steak from the grill.  

5.  Increase grill to high (450-500°F). 

6.  Place steak back on heated grill over direct heat for approx. 3-5 minutes per side allowing for nice grill marks.

7.  Check internal temperature for final preferred cooking.

Rare: 120° F
Medium-Rare: 128-130 ° F

Medium: 135-140° F **please note if you want a more medium steak, cook on the indirect heat closer to 115°-125° before removing and then finishing on a high heat**

8.  Remove from heat and place on a rack to rest for 5-10 minutes before carving.  Keep in mind that the temperature will raise 5 degrees while resting.

9.  Enjoy!

**Consuming Raw or Undercooked Food Can Be Hazardous to Your Health**

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