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Our Story

The history of "The German Butcher" and the Barsch family began over a century ago in the small town of Oranienburg, Germany.  Our family had a large slaughterhouse and sausage manufacturing business.  In 1955, Irmgard Marocke (pictured above) and her husband Alfred Barsch decided to move to the city of Berlin and started a full butcher shop as well.  Irmgard, our family's matriarch, was only the second woman in Germany to attain her Master Butcher License.

Family members over generations have continued to learn the trade and make homemade products like frankfurters, lunchmeats, kielbasa, bologna, sausages & bratwursts.

After many years in Germany, Irmgard, her second husband Kurt Marocke, and her children Wolfgang, Detlev & Annedore finally decided that the life they desired was not available in Germany.  They set their sites on the United States.  In 1969, they began their voyage over and settled in the small, friendly town of Forked River. 


Today, the shop still has its traditional butcher and deli as well as a hot food bar, imported German & Italian goods, fresh baked bread, a coffee bar and bakery. 


The butchers and sausage makers continue their trade as they did in the old country.  We have 2 smokehouses that are in constant production making homemade smoked hams, frankfurters and much more.  The core value of the German Butcher Shop and the Barsch family are to always put quality and customer service first.  We continue to innovate and make new products to excite our ever-growing customer base.   Please come visit our store and try some of our specialties!!


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