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Many of our lunchmeats are homemade from old family recipes. 

We also strive to develop new items on a seasonal basis. All items subject to availability.

Roast Beef

London Broil

Corned Beef


German Salami

Double Smoked Bacon

Low Salt Boiled Ham

Virginia Ham

Black Forest Ham  

Veal Loaf

Olive Loaf


Imported Soppressatas

Hard Salami

DiLusso Genoa Salami

Imported Proscuitto Di Parma


Taylor Pork Roll 

Thumann's Boiled Ham 


Ham Bologna

Honey Turkey

Baked Turkey Breast

Sweet Headcheese

Sour Headcheese

Coarse Liverwurst

Calves Liverwurst

Regular Liverwurst

Blood & Tongue

Canadian Bacon

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