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Crown Roast of Pork
** We recommend NOT stuffing your crown roast until the last 1/2 hour.**
Preheat oven  to 375°F.
Wrap ends of bones with foil to avoid charring and breaking.
Season your roast and cook at 375°F for the first 30 min.
For 16-18 Rib Crown Roasts, cook another 3 – 3.5 ½ hours at 350°F.
For 20-24 Rib Crown Roasts, cook for another 2.5 ½ hours at 350°F. (The larger the crown, the shorter the cooking time.  Smaller crown roasts are more tightly tied together and therefore take longer to cook.)
As your roast is cooking, we recommend heating your stuffing on the side. Before the last ½half hour is up, add the stuffing to center of crown to let brown on top. 
baste the meat every twenty minutes (except after adding stuffing, you do not want it to be soggy).
The internal temperature of the centermost part of the pork should be 165°F.
After cooking the suggested time, remove the roast from the oven.
Rest for 10-30 minutes before carving.

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