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Fresh Baked Bread

Delivered fresh and early every morning from:

     Melone Brothers Bakery in Staten Island, NY

     Pechter's of Southern NJ

     Calandra's / CC Distributors out of Brick, NJ


Brick Oven Club Roll

Cranberry Walnut Dinner Roll


Dinner Roll

Egg Twist

Kaiser Roll

Mini Kaiser

Multi Grain Roll

Portuguese Roll

Semolina Long Roll

Semolina Round Roll

Sub Roll - Half

Sub Roll - Whole - 16"

Wheat Roll



Brick Oven Baguette

Brick Oven Round - 1.5 lb

Brick Oven Round - Large 3 lb

Cranberry Walnut Loaf

French Loaf

Italian Loaf

Kalamata Olive Loaf

Pizza Bread

Semolina Bastone

Semolina Round Loaf

Seven Grain

Italian Twisted Loaf


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