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Cheddar Bratwurst: A Family Favorite!  Our Classic Bratwurst Oozing With Cheddar Cheese.


Weisswurst: Fine Ground, Mild In Flavor With Parsley And Other Seasonings.


Neurnberg Brat: Coarse Ground With More Robust Flavor And Hints Of Garlic.


Knockwurst:  Similar In Flavor & Texture To Our Homemade Frankfurter But In A Larger Casing.


Original Frankfurter:  Our Home Made Frankfurter With A Natural Casing. The Natural Casing Gives It A "Snap" When You Bite It.  Made The Same Way For Over 50 Years!


Skinless Frankfurter:  Our Original Home Made Frankfurter Skinless (No Casing, No Snap When You Bite It)


Jalapeno Hot Dogs:  Homemade Frankfurter In A Natural Casing (Snaps When You Bite It) Loaded With Jalapeno Cheese.  A Mild Heat Level.


Smoked Pork Chops: Our Hand Cut Pork Chops, Juicy And Hickory Smoked For Maximum Flavor.  Great To Throw On The Grill


Beef Jerky:  We Take Top Quality Beef, Season It, And Smoke It Low And Slow For Many Hours. 


Landjaeger:  All Beef German Jerky Stick. Has A Strong Smokey Flavor.


TV Kielbasa:  Kielbasa Based Jerky Sticks  "It's What You Eat While Your Watching TV"  - Wolfgang


Jerky Sticks:  Spicy Jerky Sticks


Kielbasa Franks:  Our Smoked Kielbasa In A Convenient Bun Size.


Stuffed Mini Peppers:  Red, Yellow, And Orange Mini Peppers stuffed With Our Parmesan And Parsley Sausage.  Delicious Grilled Or Baked In The Oven.


To ensure freshness, we ONLY ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.




Build Your Own Small Box

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