Many of our lunchmeats are homemade from old family recipes. 

We also strive to develop new items on a seasonal basis. 


Roast Beef * London Broil * Corned Beef * Pastrami * German Salami * Double Smoked Bacon * Canadian Bacon * Low Salt Boiled Ham * Virginia Ham * Black Forest Ham  

Veal Loaf * Olive Loaf * Bologna * Ham Bologna * Honey Turkey *  Baked Turkey Breast

Sweet Headcheese * Sour Headcheese * Coarse Liverwurst * Calves Liverwurst

Regular Liverwurst * Blood & Tongue



Imported Soppressatas * Lebanon Bologna * Hard Salami * DiLusso Genoa Salami

Imported Capicola * Imported Proscuitto Di Parma * Cervalat * Pepperoni * Taylor Pork Roll 

Thumann's Boiled Ham * Thumann's Smoked Turkey

"Best of the Wurst"
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